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Early Stage Businesses/Startups

PALcapital supports early stage companies achieve meaningful growth by providing strategic advice and introducing them to potential investors.

We can help your early stage business by providing the following services:

  • Business Plan creation
  • Coaching and mentoring founders and early stage CEOs
  • Strategy to achieve initial revenue and profitability
  • Business development strategy and execution
  • Liquidity and Exit Strategy planning

More resources for early stage businesses. 


Selected Experience:

Nestio (formerly UrbanApts) - Mentor, NY TechStars

Advised the team on formation of an idea and the initial creation of a business. Focused on defining the service and shaping the business to attract a userbase, in both a time and capital efficient manner. - Co-founder & Funder

Worked with partner on the initial concept, and designed and developed the business model and website. Further defined business function by partnering with major domestic and international marketing providers in real estate. is now the largest online vertical advertising market chanel for condos. - Co-founder & Funder

A sister company of expanding into a larger veritcal market.                                                



OnTrade - Advisor & Shareholder

Helped the company network with other related B2B companies, including with their founders and investors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Nextperience - Shareholder & Co-founder

Advised company in the establishment of a business model, and provided business development and US marketing support to companies that are incubating in Latin America.


2020 Stock - Shareholder & Co-founder

Devised the original concept and advised in the creation of site and business model.


DavNet - Founder & CEO

Founded and served as CEO of US operations for global telecom and converged IP services provider that NTT eventually acquired.